CNFC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an elected body responsible for overseeing CNFC on behalf of its member-owners. The board engages with members at the level of community. The directors define our mission, values, and role within the community at large and are responsible for the co-op’s actions and for ensuring that the business is managed in a sound fashion. 

Board meetings take place the last Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm at the Chico Peace & Justice Center.


General Election Information

Each year, the Co-op holds BOD Elections for 2-year-long rotating terms.  Elections are conducted by a BOD appointed Elections Committee that works in partnership with the Marketing & Membership Department of the Co-op.


Candidates must be CNFC member-owners for 6 months prior to the election and be in good standing.

5 Basic Responsibilites

- Define corporate direction, goals, and policies. Select and evaluate performance of GM (including definition of GM's duties)
- Fill board vacancies
- Evaluate major corporate on-going (e.g., annual budget) and special (e.g., expansion) plans and commitments
- Appoint corporate and board officers
- Enforce articles of incorporation and bylaws
- Retain Board of Directors' legal counsel
- Evaluate long-term financial commitments
- Ensure sound financial operations through management oversight
- Ensure that capital and operating budgets are established annually and in a timely fashion
- Select an outside auditing firm to conduct an external audit as BOD deems necessary
- Meet with Co-op controller annually for fiscal orientation
- Ensure member decisions are obtained in matters warranted per bylaws
- Establish yearly goals and objectives as early as possible after annual elections
- Actively solicit member input on decisions which are the board's responsibility but affect the long term direction of the co-op
- Present to members an annual report that clearly describes the co-op's operations and financial status
- Stay informed
- Act in good faith
- Receive no special gains as director
- Provide leadership
- Balance needs of diverse groups (employer, public, member, customer, employee, government)
- Foster high industry standards

Please be sure to thoroughly read the Candidate Handbook in order to understand the role of the Board, its responsibilities, and its many functions


Get in contact!

There are several ways to talk to and meet YOUR Board of Directors:

1) E-mail us!  Write us through the website’s “Contact Us” page or at

2) Attend a Board Meeting! All meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month at the Chico Peace and Justice Center, 526 Broadway,  from 5:30-8:30 pm.

3) Find us at Co-op events.  We do our best to attend all CNFC’s Owner Appreciation Day as well as be present at many community events.

View BOD Minutes and Agendas 

Our BOD has three primary goals:

  1. Act as trustees on behalf of the members. Directors do this by carefully monitoring the co-op’s financial status, regularly reporting on the status of the co-op to members, and ensuring that the co-op follows its bylaws, policies, and appropriate regulations.
  2. Ensure sound management of the co-op. Directors are responsible for hiring and supervising the co-op’s management. Supervising the General Manager involves reviewing management reports, monitoring key indicators (inventory turnover, sales trends, other financial ratios) and evaluating the General Manager’s performance.
  3. Set long-range goals and ensure planning for the co-op’s future. Directors do this by discussing strategic planning, approving yearly and long-range plans, and setting performance goals.

Responsibilities of a Member of the BOD:

  • Prepare for and attend all monthly meetings.
  • BOD meetings are the last Wednesday of every month from 6:00-8:30pm.
  • Committee meetings are 1-2 times a month for 1.4-2.5 hours. Directors are required to participate on a minimum of one committee.
  • Additional working meetings may be required.
  • Attend BOD trainings (up to 3 days a year).
  • Be familiar with the by-laws, policies, and financial statements.
  • Establish objectives and policies for CNFC’s future.
  • Supervise the General Manager.
  • Oversee fiduciary matters.
  • Maintain communication with Member– Owners.
  • Communicate promptly with other Board members.