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     Chico Natural Foods Co-op is a natural foods consumer cooperative formed in 1973.  We now serve over 3000 members with gross annual sales just over $5 million. A democratically elected board of directors holds responsibility for ensuring the cooperative meets the needs of the members and that resources are used wisely.
     In 2013, the board, management and staff of Chico Natural Foods Co-op (the Co-op) developed a strategic plan to guide our business efforts in the coming five years. The planning process steps included identification of strategic alternatives and six months of research, including  owner engagement forums, focus groups, and a member survey. The board, management and staff used this information to identify goals and strategies to guide the Co-op successfully into the future.
     The strategic plan outlines five long-range goals that provide broad direction for management, while enabling flexibility and creativity in implementation. Corresponding to the priorities articulated in the Five Year Strategic Plan, the management of the Co-op is responsible for developing an Annual Business Plan with specific objectives, activities, and budget. The board of directors is responsible for monitoring progress, and annually reviewing and updating the five-year strategies as needed.