The CNFC Health e-Newsletter is a monthly electronic publication sent out to the members and friends of the Co-op. It contains Employee Spotlights, information on local businesses, featured products, and much more. Articles are submitted from our diligent and creative Working Members.

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02/01/2014 - February News from the Co-op
01/01/2014 - January News from the Co-op
12/03/2013 - December Announcements from the Co-op!
11/02/2013 - November Announcements from the Co-op!
10/02/2013 - October Winds Blow at the Co-op
09/02/2013 - News from CNFC!
08/01/2013 - August News from the Co-op!
07/01/2013 - July News from the Co-op!
06/01/2013 - June News from the Co-op!
05/01/2013 - May News from the Co-op!
04/01/2013 - April News from the Co-op!


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