Store Questions

Do I get a discount if I order items by the case?

Usually. Most case lots are eligible for a 5% discount. Ask to submit a special order form at the registers, or call the store at 530.891.1713 to place your order.

How do I request a product?

You can request that we carry an item by using our suggestion box. You can also special order many items that we do not regularly carry.

What qualifies as "Local"?

We qualify "Local" as within 100 miles.

How does your Bulk Section work?

When you buy from our bulk section, you aren't constrained by packaging. You can purchases as much or as little as you need, scooping the product from the bin into the bags we provide you or ones you bring in yourself.

Twist ties are also provided, as are pens so that you can write the number of the bulk bin. Bulk prices are calculated by weight at the register. Because you pay per pound, buying items from our bulk section can be an inexpensive way to try new products.

Why do organic foods sometimes cost more than their non-organic counterparts?

Many conventional practices cut corners - and costs - in ways that organic farms cannot without defy the principles of organic farming. For example, a conventional farming industry standard is to feed animal by-products (remains of slaughtered animals that are not suitable for sale) to other animals. This is the practice that brought us BSE or Mad Cow Disease.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the less an item has been processed, the more money has gone into maintaining the purity of that product. Farmers must account for the costs, and they are often passed on to the consumer.


Membership Questions

What's a co-op anyway?

A co-op is a democratically owned and operated enterprise that provides a product or service to its member-owners. CNFC is a consumer-owned natural foods co-op.

What does Membership do for me?

Member-owners enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Vote in Board of Directors elections and upon policy (excluding exempt members)
  • Run for a seat on the Board of Directors (excluding exempt members)
  • Recieve annnual Patronage Dividends
  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter
  • Receive member advantage pricing at other North American food cooperatives
  • Apply for our Economic Assistance Program, which offers 5% off to all qualifying member-owners.
  • Receive Co-op Advantage Pricing (CAP), which are member-only sales pricing
  • Receive quarterly coupon books
  • Utilize our Owner Appreciation Days, where all owners get 10% off their purchases

Do I have to be an owner to shop at the Co-op?

No. Anyone can shop at the Co-op, but only Member-Owners receive our monthly CAP pricing.

The co-op gives out cards like other grocers, so what's the difference?

When you provide personal information in exchange for a club card at a conventional grocery, you're exchanging purchasing information for discount pricing. At the CNFC, your membership card signifies co-ownership and, per our bylaws, we don't track your individual purchases or share your personal information.

How do I join?

Joining is easy and affordable. Simply complete our membership application available in the store and make an initial equity investment of $10-$300. Please see our How to Join page for more information.

Can I get my money back?

You may request a membership equity refund at any time you wish providing that such payment will not, in the opinion of the Board, unduly impair the capital of the Cooperative, as per our Bylaws. You will need to inform our Membership Coordinator, in writing, of your desire to do so.